Scottsdale Shadows in Scottsdale, AZ
Check out the early evening view! You are looking a Camelback Mt. God has blessed Judy and me.
Yes, we moved to Scottsdale, AZ. Couldn’t refuse this deal/rental. We’re at the Scottsdale Shadows (Golf Course, Three Swimming pools – deep ones where Judy and I can exercise, library, pool hall, Workout Gym – top of the line, Gated and Guarded Community, etc). Went fast into this and am big time glad about it. Still arranging furniture.
We had great help from Brian Hommel, Jeff Skeens, Craig Holland, Ed Hodziewich, Andrew Nordoff, Travis Ishikawa, Issac Ishikawa, Banjo Holland, and Noah Skeens. Two huge trailer beds, one from Russ Ortiz, and the other from Med Skeens were all we needed for the big stuffs. Jana and Mindy were big helps for Judy.
Wore my son in law out in the move, as he was chief steward of the crew. He deserved it since he beat me by 15 strokes in golf the other day.
This place is not retirement from work for me, but let me tell you, the beauty is incredible – like we’re at a constant resort, Palm Trees, water and everything close for shopping. And oh yeah, an 80 inch Smart TV came with the deal. Need I say more?
And an announcement!
Tom Roy and I are about ready to publish ELLISON BAY, the second in the trilogy of Bob Chadwich’s journey to manhood maturity. Just thought I’d throw that in there too.
Work continues. And so does the Healing. 🙂

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About Jerry Price

JERRY PRICE is a professional counselor, consultant and author with an MA in Biblical Counseling from Grace Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind. His career path has included the pastorate, education and coaching. He is the founder of MORE Married Ministries where clients have included pro athletes and business professionals struggling through transition, marital and family issues. As a therapist, he developed an effective treatment module in 1991 for Sheboygan County Social Services in Sheboygan, WI to advance responsible living on the part of its criminal population. Jerry and his wife Judy reside in Phoenix, Arizona and have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

2 responses to “WE MADE THE MOVE!”

  1. Pat Combs says :

    Jerry, super happy for you and Judy! That is really cool. Just waiting on my invitation to come visit? Love ya, Man-Pat Combs

  2. Jerry Price says :

    Any time Pat! You are welcome my friend. Bring your clubs to play an old man game of golf. 🙂

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