Hormonal Days!



I’ve been working on being courageous lately. Why? Dr Grado, after my family met with him last week, suggested I go on Hormonal Therapy. As you know my PSA rose quickly in the last couple weeks and something needed to be done to deal with the cancer boys.

These days, the medicals call this Lupron Depot Therapy. I had one friend suggest when I take the one shot, which lasts six months, to be careful because he’s heard by the grapevine that men who do this turn into Interior Decorators! And of course, there’s all the ribbing about, dare I say, man boobs?

Once I got myself into the thought that I’ll have mood swings, sweats, and hot flashes (periodically), it didn’t help matters when today, on the last day of a five day radiation plan to prepare me, my favorite radiation guy (Dave) looked at me and said, “You ready for your girly shot today?” And he said it in front of the other technician (a woman).

Right out of radiation I’m in Grado’s office. The nurse who would give the shot was there as she heard Grado say, “Jerry, here’s the way this treatment will work. The radiation worked on killing the cancer but this will work on slowing it down so the cancer gets real old and wrinkly like…the nurse looked around at him as if to say, “Don’t say it!”

Thank the Lord, Dr Grado took a step back and didn’t say, “Like an old lady.” I started laughing at him. Busted!

The shot was painless and quickly done. I had some fear going into this because my bud’s out there started suggesting where the shots would be made. Can’t go there. Scary. Yes, they were playing with my head. Smile.

I won’t see Dr Grado for six months but will take a blood sample in three months. So this is what this means to Judy and me.

A part from what Dr Rubin says about his protocol to support Grado, it looks like Judy and I can plan on some time up in Door County this summer. That excites us since I want to see a bunch of you up there too.

Okay, I’m going outside now to take a walk. Lowers the hot flashes. Smile.

So much going on. Tom Roy and I are about ready to publish the 2nd book in our trilogy on the journey of Bob Chadwick called ELLISON BAY. There may be other irons in the fire and so this is a time to watch God do his thing – even through the Hormonal Therapy.

But pray for Judy because, I feel like I’m going through menopause. Just saying. Not crying.

One more thing. Many of you have given to the call we gave to help with our treatment with Dr Rubin because insurance doesn’t support it. May I say, Judy and I are so blessed by your responses.

The Lord is our confidence and he will keep our foot from slipping.

In the gospel, Jesus called for Nicodemus to embrace, as a friend of mine who wrote STILL RESTLESS says, the metaphorical womb. Meaning whatever kingdom we think we’ve built to manage life and even God, won’t work. We need to be born from above and the process of life is to start over, sometimes many times over, but with Jesus first.

This diagnosis has been a moment by moment embrace of the metaphorical womb of Jesus. Thank you for being there. Praying. Supporting. Encouraging. Laughing with us.

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About Jerry Price

JERRY PRICE is a professional counselor, consultant and author with an MA in Biblical Counseling from Grace Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind. His career path has included the pastorate, education and coaching. He is the founder of MORE Married Ministries where clients have included pro athletes and business professionals struggling through transition, marital and family issues. As a therapist, he developed an effective treatment module in 1991 for Sheboygan County Social Services in Sheboygan, WI to advance responsible living on the part of its criminal population. Jerry and his wife Judy reside in Phoenix, Arizona and have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

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