Lab Results

Lab Results

I won’t beat around the bush. My lab results came back. When I started this journey six months ago, my PSA count was 26.8. Then after forty-four radiation sessions the count dropped to 15.8 and we were very optimistic in the healing process.

I was released for a three-month break. In that time, I golfed, ate well, spent time with bunches of friends and family, enjoyed walks with Judy, exercised by walking fifteen miles a week – sometimes at a 13.5 minute per mile clip, watched TV, and spent quite a bit of time with Jesus and the Word.

On March 1, I went in for another PSA count results. My expectation was to see that drop into single digits. It came back at a rise to 28.6. On March 6, yesterday, I went in for another test to see if that result was skewed. Boom! The PSA count came back at 30.9.

What had been “…the cancer was dying faster than it was growing…” is now “…the cancer is growing faster than its dying.”

Needless to say, this is a punch in the mouth but now its GO Time again, to the next level in this fight. I will be getting a new bone and CT scan to see where the cancer is growing on the spine/ribcage. Then it’s attack mode as Drs Grado and Rubin team up to help me in this fight.

Here are verses that’s meant plenty to me as of late and tells you my attitude.

“But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge–do not give me over to death. Keep me from the snares they (my cancer boys) have laid for me, from the traps set by evildoers (the sob’s of cancer). Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety.” Psalms 141:8-10

As you can see, I took great liberty in King David’s statement about escaping the enemies of his day and applied it to the enemy invading my body. But his prayer is my prayer.

Meantime, I’m working at something dear to me. I’ve been asked to prepare a digital class on Transforming Twisted Thinking. It’s a good idea and I’ve been doing this faithfully. There was a DVD back in 2004 of me teaching a class of fifty adult lay counselors in a church in Wisconsin. Thirteen years ago!

In my vanity, I decided I looked pretty good as a fifty-seven year old and the class would be presentable. I’m smiling now. And so is my friend Diana Kosmoski who’s humor is so refreshing to me.

Well my friends, continue to pray for Judy and me in this next round would you? We are living life. I still don’t hear from God that it’s a NO. But I have to tell you, I do think about seeing Jesus more soberly mixed with joy and at times with tears. Just saying.

Again, let me thank you for praying and being there on our team. I will keep you posted.

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About Jerry Price

JERRY PRICE is a professional counselor, consultant and author with an MA in Biblical Counseling from Grace Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind. His career path has included the pastorate, education and coaching. He is the founder of MORE Married Ministries where clients have included pro athletes and business professionals struggling through transition, marital and family issues. As a therapist, he developed an effective treatment module in 1991 for Sheboygan County Social Services in Sheboygan, WI to advance responsible living on the part of its criminal population. Jerry and his wife Judy reside in Phoenix, Arizona and have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

22 responses to “Lab Results”

  1. Angie says :

    Praying for you and your family Jerry. It is no doubt a trying time in which you must fix your eyes upon Jesus. You might want to try following a fellow Christian on Facebook by the name of Dave Frahm. He is a naturopath that has helped many with chronic conditions including cancer. He wrote a book called the Cancer Battle Plan. You can find it on Amazon.

  2. Tina Hollenbeck says :

    I was nervous to read this update…and now I have no shame in telling you that seeing the numbers was a punch in the gut for me, and I’m in tears as I write. 😦 Our God is a faithful God – you and I know that even when we don’t understand his ways – and I’m committed to hanging with you (always!) to pray for full healing NOW on this side. It ain’t a NO, so it IS a go! But I wish I could give you a huge hug now, too. Since I can’t physically be there, I am praying as I send this that God will enable you through the Spirit to feel the embrace of my love as you read this. ❤

  3. Todd says :

    will be praying for you Jerry.

  4. jeffskeens says :

    I love you Jerry and hate that the cancer is growing faster than its dying. I super excited you’re making a digital class on TT. It’s about time! Praying for more years!!

  5. Andrea Van Ye says :

    Jerry and Judy … praying for you both as you continually radiate the Lord Jesus, now through this. We thank God for you. 💗

  6. Cheryl Ulrich says :

    Jerry & Judy – Sad to see that the PSA count is up and suprised! I did think that the treatment and healthy lifestyle you pursued with gusto would strike a death blow to the cancer. I’m lifting both of you up in prayer and asking for complete healing. God bless & keep you & Judy.

    • Jerry Price says :

      Me too. 🙂 But this is definitely a journey now – more real. Still have the mindset to deal the cancer boys a death blow. God definitely is in control – beyond me but we’ll still be faithful to do our part as unto HIM! Thanks Cheryl for your prayers and for connecting.

  7. Mike S. says :

    Jerry & Judy – Jeanette & I are praying for you guys , we know its hard but stay a warrior at heart. Love mike & Jeanette schmidt

  8. Jim Spring says :

    Coach I will be praying for you and your family, I am very interested in your digital class transforming twisted thinking. This I am guilty of, It disappears and I will be good for years then it resurfaces. You have inspired me as a kid and have impacted my life in a very positive way.

    Jim Spring

    • Jerry Price says :

      Jim,thank you for praying. Am honored by that commitment. We’re at half-time and looking for the right strategy to go out in the second half and kick some butt. It’s what I liked about you Jim. Evidently, this is how you feel about the digital class I am preparing as you prepare to battle this type of thinking whenever it rises in your life. I’ve been there, done that too. Not trying to market here but a head start for you will be to purchase the latest edition of Transforming Twisted Thinking. It is both clinically and biblically sound. In fact I have a story in the book regarding an incident with the team you might remember. I changed the names to keep it private but you’ll know what I’m talking about on the subject of “Forgiveness” & “Restoration.” The book is on Amazon and if you get it, enjoy. Thank you for your kind words Jim. Looking forward to meeting you face to face.

  9. Quay Richerson says :

    Jerry, continuing to lift you and Judy up in prayer during the course of my days.

  10. Paula Resner says :

    Our prayers are certainly for you Jerry! May He draw you nearer and nearer each day.
    Jack and Paula Resner

  11. Becky Dietz says :

    Jim and I remember both you and Judy with thankfulness – and we will pray for you with trusting hearts.

    • Jerry Price says :

      Hi Becky. Thank you for connecting and saying you and Jim are praying.

      • jean vandixhorn says :

        Jerry and Judy sad to hear of your cancer. I am a 10 year survivor so keep fighting. Remember that Christ is a capital C and cancer is a small c. The Lord is the victor.

      • Jerry Price says :

        Jean!So good to hear you are a survivor but I knew that about you, should I say “way back when.” 🙂 Great memories. Thank you for your encouraging words. Judy and I are fighting c together. We’re a great team! Christ at the center.

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