Scottsdale Shadows in Scottsdale, AZ
Check out the early evening view! You are looking a Camelback Mt. God has blessed Judy and me.
Yes, we moved to Scottsdale, AZ. Couldn’t refuse this deal/rental. We’re at the Scottsdale Shadows (Golf Course, Three Swimming pools – deep ones where Judy and I can exercise, library, pool hall, Workout Gym – top of the line, Gated and Guarded Community, etc). Went fast into this and am big time glad about it. Still arranging furniture.
We had great help from Brian Hommel, Jeff Skeens, Craig Holland, Ed Hodziewich, Andrew Nordoff, Travis Ishikawa, Issac Ishikawa, Banjo Holland, and Noah Skeens. Two huge trailer beds, one from Russ Ortiz, and the other from Med Skeens were all we needed for the big stuffs. Jana and Mindy were big helps for Judy.
Wore my son in law out in the move, as he was chief steward of the crew. He deserved it since he beat me by 15 strokes in golf the other day.
This place is not retirement from work for me, but let me tell you, the beauty is incredible – like we’re at a constant resort, Palm Trees, water and everything close for shopping. And oh yeah, an 80 inch Smart TV came with the deal. Need I say more?
And an announcement!
Tom Roy and I are about ready to publish ELLISON BAY, the second in the trilogy of Bob Chadwich’s journey to manhood maturity. Just thought I’d throw that in there too.
Work continues. And so does the Healing. 🙂


Bone Density Scan Results

I was ordered to do a bone scan last week and just got the results. I’m due for another type of bone density test this coming week as well. Why? Because of the hormonal treatment I’m in for the next five months, we’re making sure my bones hold up. I did not say OLD BONES, you noticed.

Here’s the result that was performed using a GE Lunar Prodigy DXA system. I haven’t got the slightest idea what all that means but the news is good!

Simply, they were interested in the areas where the prostate cancer had metastasized on my rib cage and spine. On my lumbar spine my bone mineral density is 1.539 with a T-score of 2.7. On the Femur, my left femoral neck, the bone mineral density is 1.073 with a T-score of 0.0. Looking at the chart above shows the position I’m holding in this bone density fight.

The Conclusion:

Based on World Health Organization criteria, I fall within the range of normal. In fact, I’m up quite a bit in normal. No wise cracks from the peanut gallery about being normal. I’m smiling.

This is very important for me because if the next bone scan of a different sort is good news, it means my bones are strong and we can fight much better to kill these enemies of my flesh. I’m very encouraged.

The report also states, “The patient should have a followup scan in 2 years.” That’s music to mine and Judy’s ears. Thank you all for praying and staying the course with us. I’m not lonely nor do I feel alone. With God, nothing is impossible. One way to protect the bone density issue is to pump iron. So baby, I’m pumping my little five pound dumbbells every day.

This is a praise the Lord day for us. Love you all.



Friends have asked for the Good Friday talk I gave this year (2017) for my home church – Arizona Community Church. I’ve added video and pictures to provide more clarity. I’m grateful to Bill Meiter, my pastor for giving me this opportunity to share my heart about the tenacious love of Jesus. The presentation is 15 minutes. Today is Sunday. JESUS IS ALIVE!

Hormonal Days!



I’ve been working on being courageous lately. Why? Dr Grado, after my family met with him last week, suggested I go on Hormonal Therapy. As you know my PSA rose quickly in the last couple weeks and something needed to be done to deal with the cancer boys.

These days, the medicals call this Lupron Depot Therapy. I had one friend suggest when I take the one shot, which lasts six months, to be careful because he’s heard by the grapevine that men who do this turn into Interior Decorators! And of course, there’s all the ribbing about, dare I say, man boobs?

Once I got myself into the thought that I’ll have mood swings, sweats, and hot flashes (periodically), it didn’t help matters when today, on the last day of a five day radiation plan to prepare me, my favorite radiation guy (Dave) looked at me and said, “You ready for your girly shot today?” And he said it in front of the other technician (a woman).

Right out of radiation I’m in Grado’s office. The nurse who would give the shot was there as she heard Grado say, “Jerry, here’s the way this treatment will work. The radiation worked on killing the cancer but this will work on slowing it down so the cancer gets real old and wrinkly like…the nurse looked around at him as if to say, “Don’t say it!”

Thank the Lord, Dr Grado took a step back and didn’t say, “Like an old lady.” I started laughing at him. Busted!

The shot was painless and quickly done. I had some fear going into this because my bud’s out there started suggesting where the shots would be made. Can’t go there. Scary. Yes, they were playing with my head. Smile.

I won’t see Dr Grado for six months but will take a blood sample in three months. So this is what this means to Judy and me.

A part from what Dr Rubin says about his protocol to support Grado, it looks like Judy and I can plan on some time up in Door County this summer. That excites us since I want to see a bunch of you up there too.

Okay, I’m going outside now to take a walk. Lowers the hot flashes. Smile.

So much going on. Tom Roy and I are about ready to publish the 2nd book in our trilogy on the journey of Bob Chadwick called ELLISON BAY. There may be other irons in the fire and so this is a time to watch God do his thing – even through the Hormonal Therapy.

But pray for Judy because, I feel like I’m going through menopause. Just saying. Not crying.

One more thing. Many of you have given to the call we gave to help with our treatment with Dr Rubin because insurance doesn’t support it. May I say, Judy and I are so blessed by your responses.

The Lord is our confidence and he will keep our foot from slipping.

In the gospel, Jesus called for Nicodemus to embrace, as a friend of mine who wrote STILL RESTLESS says, the metaphorical womb. Meaning whatever kingdom we think we’ve built to manage life and even God, won’t work. We need to be born from above and the process of life is to start over, sometimes many times over, but with Jesus first.

This diagnosis has been a moment by moment embrace of the metaphorical womb of Jesus. Thank you for being there. Praying. Supporting. Encouraging. Laughing with us.

Focusing On The Bullseye

Focusing On The Bullseye

Here’s the low down. Judy, Jana, Mindy and I were in Dr Grado’s office today, for the reveal of my CT (Soft Tissue) and Bone Scans.

I had been working on my focus this past week knowing my PSA climbed to 30.9. Dark thoughts, uncertainty, fear and yes, cancer were my enemies/evildoers. There were plenty of times I quoted favorite passages of scripture, especially Ps. 141:8-10.

I had a hard time getting my head around how I could actually feel physically good and have the cancer boys acting up in my body. You were praying for Judy and me. Hundreds of you! We had visits from friends and encouragement galore. It was as if God was saying, “I got this Jerry.”

I knew theologically and intellectually I had to go to the place where my soul and emotional well-being had to accept. I finally got there just before we took off for Grado’s office this morning. Takes me a while sometimes.

I saw myself as one of the three in the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I was out of control and about to be thrown in the middle of a huge fire by enemies of my heavenly Father.

Then the trio replied to King Nebuchadnezzar, “…we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” Daniel 3:16-18

This was it! I told the Lord that he knows what I desire and hears from the prayers of rescuing me from many, as I go into my personal fiery furnace. Even though I enjoyed new levels of intimacy with Jesus, I came to the following conclusion:

“Lord, you are able to save me from these cancer boys, these evildoers, enemies of my body and soul but if you choose not to, I won’t serve the darkness, I won’t serve their little gods set up to destroy our relationship that we have between us. You were, are and always will be GOD!”

Today, as we walked into Grado’s place, God provided his peace that passes understanding. The report was very up lifting.

The PSA count rose up due to the cancer on my bones and not the prostate. In fact, after an examination previous to the consult, the prostate was found to be in a healthy state after the first round of treatment was completed three months ago. But when the mother lode was attacked, the little cancer ships on my back got hostile looking for a food source and began to escalate their growth.

So a decision has been made. We are focusing on the bullseye!

We will address this with hormonal therapy – something I didn’t want to do in the beginning – but it will do a couple of things. 1. Slow the cancer growth down 2. prepare me for the knockout punches needed to complete the healing with a new radio-isotope treatment that follows this total systemic approach.

Once the hormonal therapy is done, I will qualify for the isotope treatment and Medicare will pick the tab up. But if I didn’t do this hormonal therapy, the pharmaceutical designers of the protocol wouldn’t allow it.

In the meantime, I continue to do the IV-C intravenous treatment with Dr Rubin to maintain the strength of my immune system to fight the cancer, and reduce any discomfort I might feel from the hormonal treatment. This complete process will take up to eight months.

I know you are praying, which is major for us. Judy and I are not alone and depend on your prayers. For this stage of my treatment, we need extra help to continue the IV-C treatment and if any of you are in a place financially to consider helping, please contact me at jp@jerryprice.net, or you can click the bullseye below and link to our PayPal account which is set up for this purpose.

mly0Cxrj8NPPARy9FD-OVGQ.jpgAgain, this has been a good day of setting the strategy for healing and I’m grateful you are walking with Judy and me through this fight. God continues to surprise me! I’m finding out He likes doing that.







Lab Results

Lab Results

I won’t beat around the bush. My lab results came back. When I started this journey six months ago, my PSA count was 26.8. Then after forty-four radiation sessions the count dropped to 15.8 and we were very optimistic in the healing process.

I was released for a three-month break. In that time, I golfed, ate well, spent time with bunches of friends and family, enjoyed walks with Judy, exercised by walking fifteen miles a week – sometimes at a 13.5 minute per mile clip, watched TV, and spent quite a bit of time with Jesus and the Word.

On March 1, I went in for another PSA count results. My expectation was to see that drop into single digits. It came back at a rise to 28.6. On March 6, yesterday, I went in for another test to see if that result was skewed. Boom! The PSA count came back at 30.9.

What had been “…the cancer was dying faster than it was growing…” is now “…the cancer is growing faster than its dying.”

Needless to say, this is a punch in the mouth but now its GO Time again, to the next level in this fight. I will be getting a new bone and CT scan to see where the cancer is growing on the spine/ribcage. Then it’s attack mode as Drs Grado and Rubin team up to help me in this fight.

Here are verses that’s meant plenty to me as of late and tells you my attitude.

“But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge–do not give me over to death. Keep me from the snares they (my cancer boys) have laid for me, from the traps set by evildoers (the sob’s of cancer). Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety.” Psalms 141:8-10

As you can see, I took great liberty in King David’s statement about escaping the enemies of his day and applied it to the enemy invading my body. But his prayer is my prayer.

Meantime, I’m working at something dear to me. I’ve been asked to prepare a digital class on Transforming Twisted Thinking. It’s a good idea and I’ve been doing this faithfully. There was a DVD back in 2004 of me teaching a class of fifty adult lay counselors in a church in Wisconsin. Thirteen years ago!

In my vanity, I decided I looked pretty good as a fifty-seven year old and the class would be presentable. I’m smiling now. And so is my friend Diana Kosmoski who’s humor is so refreshing to me.

Well my friends, continue to pray for Judy and me in this next round would you? We are living life. I still don’t hear from God that it’s a NO. But I have to tell you, I do think about seeing Jesus more soberly mixed with joy and at times with tears. Just saying.

Again, let me thank you for praying and being there on our team. I will keep you posted.



The movie SILENCE tells the story of two Jesuit missionaries facing the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor, at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.

Adam Driver plays Francisco Garrpe and Andrew Garfield plays Rodrigues along with Liam Neeson, who’s character is Cristovao Ferreira, their mentor.

In their ultimate test of faith, they were required by the Inquisitor to step on an image of Christ or go through horrible torture and even death.

The focus seemed to be on Garfield’s character as a priest who, toward the end of the movie, did step on the image to save people’s lives that suffered before his eyes.

In his doubt of God’s silence, Rodrigues hears a voice supposedly of Jesus but sounding to me like Ferreira reasoning with him to step on the image and deny the savior. Bizarre.

The reasoning seemed logical to imply the cross represents humanity trampling on Jesus and the voice understood if Rodrigues would do so.

But, I thought, “Jesus came to die for our sins, to redeem and restore humanity. Not just so humanity could step on him, even though this moment in Silence showed how it still does.”

Why am I bringing this up?

Ah, the games that can go on in a believer’s mind to save anyone from suffering for their faith, only to find they’ve betrayed the savior.

Yet, the Apostle Paul wrote to Roman Christians about the subject and told them they might have to suffer or die for their belief in Jesus. This was close to his heart, while under house arrest for his faith. But there was hope, because Jesus is alive and returning with and for his body of believers scattered throughout the world.

To me, the only character in the movie that seem to have integrity was Garrpe who swam out to save the lives of people being drowned and he himself murdered before Rodrigues.

Eventually and sadly, Rodrigues recants his faith to trample on the image of Christ.


Didn’t the Apostle Peter find himself trapped by a maiden at the trial of Jesus to betray him? Isn’t there a potential betrayer in every believer where we could prostitute ourselves for what seems to be a right, logical and spiritual purpose?

Maybe that was the significance of the movie but again there were people of faith dying who wouldn’t do that, like Garrpe did.


As an eighteen-year-old student at the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, I stayed back in the dorm during a vacation break to work.

I was in my room when I got a knock on the door.

“Jerry, you’re the son of a prison evangelist. You know how to deal with guys in the street. We have a guy down in the lounge we think you can talk too. Would you come?” the student asked.

Like a well meaning but arrogant Rodrigues, I went to see the fellow.

After fifteen minutes, this man off the street looked at me and said, “Nobody loves me!”

“I do,” I stated.

The man said, “If you do, you would take that bible and throw it down on the floor.”

So I did that.

The man looked up at me with an ever so small grin and said, “If that’s the kind of love you have, I don’t want it.”

Caught in my betrayal of Jesus, I was crushed. I had been conned! I was Rodrigues!

I look back on that moment with shame.

God has forgiven me, and like he did for Peter, gave me a ministry over time. Maybe that’s one reason why I am in a position years later to address what Twisted Thinking is and how it hurts others.

I was angry after the movie because of the harm of such thinking; that it’s understandable to trample on the image of Christ just because I care about others who are suffering or dying for their faith, or wondering if anyone really loves them. What a trap!

I am so glad Jesus didn’t give in to any of Satan’s temptations. Aren’t you?

“If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared. I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope.” Ps 130:3,4,5 NIV

Jesus never fails.

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